Penelope House is a member of the

South Alabama Coalition of Nonprofits

The mission of Penelope House is to provide safety, protection, and support to the victims of Domestic Violence and their children through the provision shelter, advocacy, and individual and community education.

Pillows and twin size linens

Bath towels and wash cloths

Hand pump soap

Hand sanitizers

Lysol Spray

​Underwear & Socks

​Soft pack coolers and ice packs

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Our Mission


To Donate a vehicle

or call 800-269-6814

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If you need Help ... 

Please call our

24 hour Crisis Line


Urgent NEEDS

​​NO MORE SuperBowl ad - A new commercial will air during the Big Game

Penelope House was founded in 1979 by the Daughters of Penelope

Peace on Earth Begins at Home

March 3 - 10th Mobile Chocolate Festival

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Penelope House

Penelope House is a

United Way Agency