If you know someone who is, or you suspect is, a victim of intimate partner violence, you can help:

Be alert to possible signs of domestic violence:

  • Changes in behavior and work performance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Increased or unexplained absences
  • Placing/receiving harassing phone calls
  • Bruises or injuries which are unexplained or come with explanation that do not add up

Believe them if someone confides in you that they are being abused.

Listen without judging.  Victims often believe their abuser's negative messages and feel responsible, ashamed, and afraid they will be judged.

Tell them they don't have to stay in the abusive situation and that help is available.  Give them Penelope House's 24 hour crisis line (251) 342-8994 or (800) 650-6522.


There are volunteer opportunities for just about anyone at Penelope House!  Available volunteer locations include the administrative office, victim advocate office, or the shelter.  Volunteer opportunities include working with children, Prevention Education presentations, clerical assistance to staff, assisting with Special Events, or home based internet research.  Groups are welcome!  Call 251-342-2809 to speak with the Volunteer Coordinator about how you can make a difference!

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