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Penelope’s Closet

63 N Florida St.
Mobile, Alabama 36606
Manager Karen
Phone:  251-450-1200


Penelope’s Closet is our new and successful Thrift Store. It provides clothing, household appliances and items, as well as furniture at a reasonable cost to the public. However, these items that are donated to Penelope’s Closet are first presented to our clients before reaching the Thrift Store.


That we recently held the Grand Opening of our fabulous thrift store “Penelope’s Closet” in our permanent location 63 N.Florida St.
Penelope’s Closet has something for everyone be it a Mardi Gras gown, name brand clothing (some that have never been worn and are still in fashion), canvas bags for those who are going “green”, books, and the collectibles that lead everyone to a thrift store.
We receive donations from all over Alabama and the state of Florida. Also, as always, we are receiving donations from the Daughters of Penelope from everywhere. We love the Daughters of Penelope – UPS, FedEx, and the US Post Office loves them too.
The team at the Closet has become a vital member of the community where they are located.
If you haven’t visited the Closet please do so. You are going to be
simply proud of what you have been part of. Some people call it Penelope’s Boutique.


Items Acceptable:


Gently Used Clothing on Hangers
General Household Items, Appliances, and Furniture
Appliances must be in Working Condition
No computers, phones, or electronic equipment, Please!


Penelope’s Closet Hours:  9:00 – 4:00 Tuesday – Saturday


If you are interested in volunteering to help run the shop
please visit out volunteers page about opportunities.