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Our Services

Crisis Hot Line

A 24-hour crisis line is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days per year to provide counseling, information, and referral services to families in abusive situations.


Emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Victims who are admitted for shelter care are provided a safe place to stay while assessing their life situation and setting goals for the future. Shelter services include food, clothing, counseling, court advocate services, vocational counseling, child care, and support groups. Transportation is provided as needed. An on-site medical clinic provides shelter residents with medical care at no cost.

Victim Support Groups

Weekly support groups are held in various locations within Mobile county. These groups are conducted for victims both in shelter and on an outreach basis. The group’s purposes are to provide support and education about issues related to domestic violence, and to empower the victims to make safe choices for themselves and their children.

Children’s Program

The children’s program provides on-site care for in-shelter, school-age children. Tutoring, mentoring and recreational activities are coordinated by program staff and volunteer groups, such as the Junior League of Mobile and the University of South Alabama.

Court /Victim Advocates Program

The mission of the Victims Advocate program is to provide victims of domestic violence with information about their legal rights, privileges and options. The Court Advocates Program is manned by staff members who work in Mobile and Washington County, AL courts. Victims of domestic violence in pursuit of services from our legal system are assisted by our staff members. From securing protection orders, signing of warrants, filing police reports and making referrals to agencies in the greater Mobile area, our program staff serve victims of domestic violence in legal matters. In addition, program staff train local law enforcement officers about domestic violence.

Community Education:

In keeping with our mission statement, Penelope House staff conduct training on the dynamics of domestic violence to individuals in medicine and medical care, social services and law enforcement professions.

Speaking engagements are conducted to educate members of local churches and civic organizations on domestic violence issues.

Prevention Education:
The activities conducted by staff members of the Prevention Education Program are targeted at school going children (grades K-12). For more information on this program, click here

Outreach Services

Our team of counselors and court advocates provide special outreach services to women in Mobile and Washington, AL counties. Recipients of services such as legal referrals, advocacy, housing referrals, victims compensation, support groups and legal aid are ordinarily women who have not requested in-shelter care, but require assistance in dealing with volatile domestic situations.

Alma Taylor Project: Transitional Living Community

The Alma Taylor Project provides temporary housing and related supportive services to victims of domestic violence. This program was created to provide victims of domestic and intimate partner violence with resources necessary for them to achieve self-sufficiency. Clients work with the program coordinator to create individual case plans designed with specific client needs in mind. This may include working on educational goals, working with Consumer Credit Counseling and enrolling in parenting classes.

Volunteer Coordination Activities

Volunteers work at our administrative, shelter and victims advocates offices. Several projects, including special events, internet and library research, community and school education, are conducted by staff members with the assistance of specially trained volunteers. For more information on volunteering, click here